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Windows 10 Loader Activator ((FREE))

There are many tools available online allowing you to activate windows by using activator. Even though these tools also use various combination of characters that fits best to activate windows by generating the serial key.

Windows 10 loader activator

One of the best online tool used to activate MS office and windows is KMSpico. It is a legal, free tool works genuinely. All you need is to disable your antivirus software to install KMSpico. After installation just tap on activate button. Restart windows and the process will be completed.

It is also one of the easy to use windows activation software. Just download software and unzip it for the activation process. After unzipping, run the application file and proceed accordingly. By using this software, you will automatically discover all of the product keys. The quality tool is simple to use. However, just like KMSpico, you have to deactivate antivirus for a while. Click here to download Nlrsoft`s Produkey.

We have published our in-depth analysis of the Solorigate backdoor malware (also referred to as SUNBURST by FireEye), the compromised DLL that was deployed on networks as part of SolarWinds products, that allowed attackers to gain backdoor access to affected devices. We have also detailed the hands-on-keyboard techniques that attackers employed on compromised endpoints using a powerful second-stage payload, one of several custom Cobalt Strike loaders, including the loader dubbed TEARDROP by FireEye and a variant named Raindrop by Symantec.

One missing link in the complex Solorigate attack chain is the handover from the Solorigate DLL backdoor to the Cobalt Strike loader. Our investigations show that the attackers went out of their way to ensure that these two components are separated as much as possible to evade detection. This blog provides details about this handover based on a limited number of cases where this process occurred. To uncover these cases, we used the powerful, cross-domain optics of Microsoft 365 Defender to gain visibility across the entire attack chain in one complete and consolidated view.

But how exactly does this jump from the Solorigate backdoor (SUNBURST) to the Cobalt Strike loader (TEARDROP, Raindrop, and others) happen? What code gets triggered, and what indicators should defenders look for?

In our investigation, we identified several second-stage malware, including TEARDROP, Raindrop, and other custom loaders for the Cobalt Strike beacon. During the lateral movement phase, the custom loader DLLs are dropped mostly in existing Windows sub-directories. Below are some example paths (additional paths are listed at the end of this blog):

TEARDROP, Raindrop, and the other custom Cobalt Strike Beacon loaders observed during the Solorigate investigation are likely generated using custom Artifact Kit templates. Each custom loader loads either a Beacon Reflective Loader or a preliminary loader that subsequently loads the Beacon Reflective Loader. Reflective DLL loading is a technique for loading a DLL into a process memory without using the Windows loader.

Irrespective of the loading methodology, both versions have an export function that contains the trigger for the malicious code. The malicious code is executed in a new thread created by the export function. Upon execution, the malicious code attempts to open a file with a .jpg extension (e.g., festive_computer.jpg, upbeat_anxiety.jpg, gracious_truth.jpg, and confident_promotion.jpg). Further analysis is required to determine the purpose and role of the .jpg file referenced by each sample. The code also checks the presence of the Windows registry key SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CTF and terminates if the registry key is present or accessible. Next, the code proceeds to decode and subsequently execute an embedded custom preliminary loader.

In its true form, the custom Artifact Kit-generated preliminary loader is a DLL that has been transformed and loaded like shellcode in memory. The preliminary loader is responsible for loading the next-stage component, which is a Beacon Reflective Loader/DLL (Cobalt Strike Beacon is compiled as a reflective DLL). The Reflective Loader ultimately initializes and executes Beacon in memory.

The ultimate goal of both Type A and B loaders is to de-obfuscate and load a Cobalt Strike Reflective Loader in memory. Type A loaders use a simple rolling XOR methodology to decode the Reflective Loader, while Type B loaders (Raindrop) utilize a combination of the AES-256 encryption algorithm (unique key per sample), LZMA compression, and a single-byte XOR decoding routine to de-obfuscate the embedded Reflective Loader in memory. At the conclusion of the de-obfuscation process, both variants proceed to load the Reflective Loader in memory, which subsequently executes Cobalt Strike Beacon in memory.

Activation contexts are data structures in memory containing information that the system can use to redirect an application to load a particular DLL version, COM object instance, or custom window version. One section of the activation context may contain DLL redirection information which is used by the DLL loader; another section may contain COM server information. The activation context functions use, create, activate, and deactivate activation contexts. The activation functions can redirect the binding of an application to version-named objects that specify particular DLL versions, window classes, COM servers, type libraries, and interfaces. For more information about the activation context functions and structures, see the Activation Context Reference.

The loader allows an application to specify its default activation context by two methods. You can put the manifest file in the resources of the executable and the loader will find it. This is the same as putting the manifest file in the executable's resource table. You can place the manifest in a file named Myapp.exe.Manifest in the same directory as Myapp.exe, and the loader finds it while looking for Myapp.exe.

Windows 10 Loader is the famous and popular operating system. It is definitely the most used operating system that delivers the very best and advanced tools as you wish for your computer system. It is really well-known activator launched by Microsoft. Well, it is the recently released operating system by Microsoft. After the success of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Microsoft has launched the latest updated Windows named Windows 10. This software works permanently on your computer system and provides the latest and finest tools that are definitely simple to use. Windows 10 Free download delivers better start menu that expands the opportunities and brings over your applications that are being favorite and readily available for everyone.

Windows 10 Loader activator is the stunning program that lets the user activate Windows 10 permanently. Windows 10 is the leader of all the previous released windows operating system. This particular window has enhanced a lot of features and advantages that works permanently on your computer system. It also provides latest and finest tools that are most simple to use. In case, you have downloaded Windows 10 for the first time then you can easily activate its all premium features for the lifetime.

Windows 10 activator is a meaningful tool that works to get a licensed copy of Windows and Microsoft. The tool is free to use and is free of any malicious code and hence is widely used by people all around.

In response to the process of activating windows, let us take you to a virtual understanding of why activation is important, how to activate windows, and what are the most important activators for Windows 10.

To be clear and precise, windows activation helps to generate a connection or a link between the licensed copy of the operating system and the computer system on which it has to be activated. The process goes as follows:

Microsoft Toolkit is one of the most significant and effective activators but is valid only for a computer system with an architecture of 64-bit. The activator helps you run all operations completely free of cost for lifelong. You even get an opportunity to upgrade the operating system whenever a new version is released by Microsoft Office. The processes to install and activate Microsoft Toolkit is as follows:

KMSAuto Lite is another effective Windows 10 Activator that is used to activate various copies of the Windows 10 and MS Office. It works as a significant alternative to get a free license for attaining a fully functional operating system. The only drawback of this activator is that it works on a virtual based server and whenever due to any reason the server gets deleted, the activation fails and the working of the operating system gets deactivated. The process to activate window activator is as follows:

This is one of the top 3 Windows 10 activators that was introduced by Daz. This activator is most adaptable to almost all versions of windows and gives a complete feel and assurance of a genuine licensed version. The system works perfectly for a 32-bit or 64-bit system. The activator gives way to activation through a legal code that is injected into the windows. The code is known as System Licensed Internal Code (SLIC). The process to activate this activator is as follows:

Talking about the current scenario, Windows 10 is the best operating system for personal as well as professional use. Though the licensed key is costly to buy there are ways that can be attained to get a genuine license. You can easily upgrade the version from 7 or 8 to version 10 of the Windows. The best aspect is that you can upgrade to Windows 10 free of cost because now Windows 7 will soon be discontinued and no computer system will have this version. Everyone in need of having a fully functional operating system can now have all the essentials of running the complete office suite using the activators.

However, you need to keep in mind that before using the activator of your choice you need to turn off the anti-virus program installed on your computer. If not done so, the application may be considered malicious and your system will not allow the download of the activator. Once installed and windows activated, you can certainly turn on the anti-virus program for future protection.


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