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The Woman Behind Bee's Sweet Spot

My name is Benita and I am a chef based in Connecticut.  My passion for food led to my career change 6 years ago.  I returned to school and obtained a certificate in Culinary Arts and International Baking and Pastry.  My career began in the pantry station and progressed to cooking on the line - lunch, dinner and brunch.  After gaining experience on the savory side I transitioned to pastry.  My passion for food has given me the determination and fulfillment of enjoying the best of both worlds.  I have learned to embrace the beauty of food and have cooked for four restaurants and one school.  I plan on returning to school, this year, to study advanced cake decorating then learn and master the art of chocolate by completing a chocolatier program. 

June of 2020 I began baking and making cakes, per request, and my business has grown in so many ways.  I am truly grateful for such a wonderful ride and I look forward to baking something special for you.  

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