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I Lost Six Pounds . Yesterday.

FICTION Gemini Sisters Jeanne Bryner HARRIETTE AND I ARE BUSY setting up folding chairs for the meeting when Darcey St. Clair walks in with a tupperware full of carrot curls and celery sticks. She's out of wind after climbing sixteen stairs. Her face is flushed as a Big Boy tomato, and she's wearing a new lipstick called "Sassy Strawberry." Darcey St. Clair is the president of our local chapter of the Gemini Sisters, which is a group for women who eat too much. Darcey lost forty-two pounds last year, edging out Fanny Lewis by eight pounds. Darcey went from a size twenty-six to a size twenty-two, and she's now able to wear elasticwaist trousers. She's aiming for a see-through nightgown, but that's about eighty pounds down the road. Our district leader's speaking tonight: Goldie Everly from Cheyenne, West Virginia. Goldie lost one hundred thirty-six pounds. We've all seen her before and after photos and how her old flowered dress seems like a tent in which she's lost. They say she's never had any plastic work on her face, but she looks so much younger without the weight. She says in the ad, "It's like I lost a whole person, like someone else was inside me eating, and now she's gone." That's how Goldie came up with the name Gemini Sisters, two people in one body. What Harriette and I like most about the Gemini Sisters are the stories: abortions, funny uncles, preachers' sons, wife beaters, drunks, crazy aunts. Every new member tells about sneaking ice cream and sodas when the kids are in bed. They tell about saving their old hiphuggers and how it felt to buy plus sizes the first time. They have to bring in their prom pictures and wedding albums. We all have a good cry looking at our mamas and at those young bodies in their floaty, pastel dresses. The saddest member is Crystal McClure. She was a cheerleader every year since sixth grade, a little blonde doll of a girl who could throw herself into jump splits and flip over backwards for a touchdown in a half-second. Now Crystal weighs two-twenty-two, and she hasn't worn shoes for five years. She has six pairs of flip-flops, every color in the rainbow. It gets cold in the winter, but nobody can fit her in shoes. Harriette and I drove her clear to Pittsburgh, where the lady in the shoe store kept bringing out shoes and shaking her head. Crystal had us stop at the Spaghetti Warehouse on the way back. She 50 had the Tour of Italy for dinner and a thick slice of chocolate-caramel delight pie for dessert. If Harriette and I had known Crystal gets carsick, we would have traveled the Freeway coming home. The Gemini Sisters have been in Brier County for eighteen months. We meet at the Grange Hall on Wednesday nights. We have weigh-in, roll call, recipe sharing, and group. Harvey O'Dell says it's a lot like Alcoholics Anonymous, except none ofus has the shakes and only Bess Westfall smokes. Harriette and I are secretary and treasurer. I'm too interested in listening to keep writing everything down, so I said I'd keep track of the money (there's not that much anyway). The dues are eight dollars a month. That works out to two dollars a meeting, which everybody can afford. Clementine Hood is supposed to bring a bouquet of flowers for Goldie. I hope she remembers. We spent most of the meeting last time arguing about what to buy her. Some of the girls wanted to buy a Thank Youfor Saving Us plaque, until I reminded them of the ten rules of the Gemini Sisters. The first rule says we have to save ourselves. We have to say "No" to the other person inside us who is really not hungry for food, but for something else. The second rule is we must find out what the other person is starving for. To look at this group, it's hard to believe we're...

I Lost Six Pounds . Yesterday.

Beard made waves in the convenience store industry when he documented himself eating every meal at a gas station for 30 consecutive days. Not only did he avoid gaining weight, he lost six pounds and proved that the industry has evolved and expanded its offerings to include healthier food options.

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. - Michigan State wrestling lost to No. 6 Illinois on Sunday afternoon at Huff Hall, 26-13. Dan Osterman recorded a fall at 149 pounds and Curran Jacobs defeated No. 10 Jordan Blanton at 174 pounds.

At 165 pounds, David Cheza lost a close 9-7 decision to No. 10 Conrad Polz of Illinois. Cheza was down 9-4 after the first two periods and managed an escape and a takedown in the third, but it wasn't enough to close the gap.

Curran Jacobs got Michigan State (3-6, 1-4 Big Ten) back on the board with a 7-3 decision over No. 10 Jordan Blanton of Illinois (11-2, 3-2 Big Ten) at 174 pounds. Jacobs didn't give up a takedown and had three takedowns of his own to secure his second straight win over a ranked wrestler. Jacobs defeated No. 11 Lee Munster of Northwestern, 3-1, Friday, Jan. 20.

When they met on Tinder just over four years ago, Briana weighed close to 300 pounds, and Brian weighed nearly 330 pounds. Not only were they fortunate enough to find a soulmate, Briana and Brian found the perfect pillar of support in one another as their separate weight loss journeys merged into a shared experience.

  • Dec. 30, 2007 Complete ResultsGREENSBORO, N.C. - The No. 22 Maryland wrestling finished in fifth place at the 2007 UNCG Southern Scuffle this weekend at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center. The Terrapins were led by redshirt sophomore Hudson Taylor who won the individual title at 197 pounds while sophomore Mike Letts finished second at 174. Redshirt junior Josh Haines also placed, finishing eighth at 184 pounds.No. 1 Minnesota won the team title with 182 points while No. 14 Edinboro placed second with 130.5. No. 15 Hofstra (121) and No. 17 Cornell (94) also finished ahead of the Terps who accumulated 93.5 points in the tournament.Taylor advanced to the quarterfinals at 197 pounds on Saturday with three wins. On Sunday, he dominated his opposition. He advanced to the semifinals with a pin in the first period against Dennis Drury of North Carolina and won by major decision, 15-4, against Greensboro's Daren Burns, ranked No. 12 in the country in the weight class. In the final, Taylor faced Virginia's Brent Jones who he pinned with nine seconds left in the second to win the title.Letts easily got by his two opponents to advance to the quarterfinals at 174 pounds yesterday. His first win came on a 14-6 major decision and then he pinned his second opponent 40 seconds into the second period for the win. Letts started where he left off on Sunday, shutting out Tom Kocher of Lock Haven, 12-0, to advance to the semifinals. Letts then faced Cornell's Steve Anceravage, ranked No. 11 in the nation, and defeated him 5-1 to get to the finals. He then had to square off against No. 14 Alton Lucas of Hofstra and fell just short, losing 6-3 for the second place finish.Haines dominated his opposition in two matches on Saturday by a combined 13-1 to earn a spot in the quarterfinals at 184 pounds. He lost his first bout on Sunday against Kirk Smith of Boise State, 6-0, but bounced back in his first wrestleback by pinning Curtis Moore of VMI in the second period. Haines lost in the quarterfinals of the wrestlebacks and was unable to compete in seventh place match to finish eighth.Maryland, which is 7-3 in duals this season, returns to action on January 10 when it travels to the state capital to face No. 21 Navy in Annapolis.

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Although the defendants in these federal prosecutions used a variety of tactics and schemes, they often took the same approach, guaranteeing high returns and, in many instances, providing falsified investment documents to victims. As a result, those victims lost retirement savings, military survivor benefits, family death settlements and money set aside for college tuition and mortgage payments. While the Justice Department has already obtained prison sentences for many of these scammers, including one sentence of up to 50 years, for many of the more 100,000 victims the damage to their families is irreparable.


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