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Tile Slim Where To Buy

Most tracking devices are meant to attach to things, but the $34.99 Tile Slim is designed to fit in your wallet. It works with both Android and iOS devices, and has a battery that lasts for years. It isn't quite as versatile as the similarly priced Tile Pro, which easily slips on a keyring, but it's a better fit for your billfold or other narrow spaces. Ultimately, the $29 AirTag offers a wider potential network of people to help you locate your lost item, but it only works with Apple devices. For Android users, the Tile Slim is a good bet for tracking down your lost wallet.

tile slim where to buy

Thanks to its thin design, the Slim has a built-in, non-swappable battery, requiring you to buy a new tracker when the old one runs out of juice. Tile does try to make that a little easier with its reTile program, where customers, a year after any Tile purchase, are given the option to buy a new Tile (Pro excluded) at a 40 percent discount.

Tile Slim is part of the Tile line of tracking devices, which includes the Tile Mate and Tile Pro. It works two ways: use your smartphone to ping it so you can find the item you've stashed it in, or press the button on the Tile Slim to ping your smartphone. Tile Slim is about the size of two credit cards stacked together, so it is indeed as slim as its name implies. I keep mine in a credit card slot in my wallet, where it fits perfectly. It looks like a credit card, with a single button and speaker holes. You could also attach it to your MacBook or other larger devices using one of Tile's slim adhesives.

Tile Slim, as well as the other Tile trackers, are easy to find online and in big box stores everywhere. Tile Slim is just about $30 everywhere I've seen it. You can buy it alone, or buy it as a two-pack, which also comes with a year of the Tile Premium subscription. You can also purchase the Essentials Bundle, which includes a Tile Slim, Tile Mate, and two Tile Stickers, plus a year of the Tile Premium subscription. The Tile Slim is just plain black, but on Tile's website you can find fun, colorful limited edition designs, but they do cost a few dollars more. Tile Premium, the optional subscription, is $30 per year after a free 30-day trial. Tile Premium Protect insures your valuables up to $1000 and costs $100 per year.

Tile Slim does just what you expect it to do. It's easy to set up: just download the Tile App and follow the prompts. I slipped the slender Tile Slim into the credit card slot of my wallet, where it fits perfectly. It's about the size of two credit cards stuck together, and it measures 86-by-54-by-2.4 millimeters. The Tile Slim weighs very little, so it's not cumbersome. I tested it around my house by tapping a button in the Tile app on my iPhone, I was able to find it easily and without fail. The Tile Slim works two ways: use your iPhone to find your Tile Slim, or press the button on your Tile Slim to find your iPhone. It works great as long as you're within Bluetooth range, which is about 200 feet.

The Tile Slim is a terrific tracker that does exactly what a tracker should. With its slim form factor, it slips easily into a wallet or it can be attached with adhesive to a larger device. It's waterproof, so you don't have to worry if it gets wet. Using the Tile app, you can ping your Tile Slim. If it's within 200 feet, it will make an audible sound so you can find it. If it's farther than that, the Tile app will give you the last known location. Even better, if anyone with the Tile app on their smartphone gets near your lost Tile Slim, you'll be notified of your Tile Slim's current location. You can also press the button on your Tile Slim to ping your iPhone if it's within Bluetooth range. If you want further functionality such as Smart Alerts when you leave your Tile Slim behind, you'll have to pay for a subscription. Note that the three-year battery isn't replaceable.

You can turn "Smart Alerts" on and off, but it makes a lot of sense to keep it enabled inside a wallet. Once I figured out something was wrong, I'd be able to see the last place my Tile was connected to my phone on a map in Tile's app, giving me a lead on where to start looking for it.

Apple's advantage comes into play when you start to try out other features. Opening the Find My app makes it immediately clear where your tracker is, and how you can hunt it down. Tile's trackers, meanwhile, can't always establish a connection and show you their current location, which makes the map feature a little less useful.

Eleganza's SlimTech is enormous! However it's slim .11" thickness allows it to be used where other tiles cannot. It can be used over other material making demolition unnecessary. Floor must be even and stable, of course. Shown here in Lappata.Sold by the box; Tile size 118" x 40", each box contains 1 piece for a total of 32.28 sf/box.Lead time is 1-2 weeks.

The previous Tile Slim looked like a larger and, of course, slimmer version of the Tile Mate (without the hole for attaching it to a keyring). While other companies were making credit card-sized tracking devices, Tile opted to stick to a square design.

Designed for the terminally forgetful, Tile Trackers allow you to find your stuff, wherever you are. Use your phone to ping your wallet or keys when you're within Bluetooth range, view your item's most recent location through the app when out of range, and even use your smart home devices to ping your belongings with your voice. If those features sound like things you need, you're in luck. Amazon is offering a one-day-only deal on the new collection of Tile trackers, with up to 24% off.

Speaking of, a new privacy trick in the Tile app is coming in early 2022. Scan and Secure will allow Tile app users to scan and detect Tile devices near them, even if they don't have any Tiles themselves. This was done in response to the privacy concerns over AirTags, where it was deemed a fairly simple thing to unknowingly track someone by sticking a device on something they owned.

Tile trackers are reliable and easy to use. They also are versatile, with different form factors that let you use them in a variety of ways without having to buy accessories. The new generation of Tiles improves on already great products. I can't recommend them enough.

I've spent the past 25 years writing about the world of home entertainment technology--first at Home Cinema Choice magazine, where I became Deputy Editor, and for the past 20 years on a freelance basis. In that time I'm fairly confident that I've reviewed more TVs and projectors than any other individual on the planet, as well as experiencing first-hand the rise and fall of all manner of great and not so great home entertainment technologies. I am currently a regular contributor to,, Home Cinema Choice magazine, Wired, and, of course, Forbes.

One of the interesting things about Tile is that it turned what would otherwise could be a standalone gadget purchase into a subscription product. Many of its competitors offer similar gadgets where you can swap out the battery when it dies, but Tile instead encourages users to upgrade and return their old device for recycling.

Tile (stylized as tile) is an American consumer electronics company which produces tracking devices that users can attach to their belongings such as keys and backpacks. A companion mobile app for Android and iOS allows users to track the devices using Bluetooth 4.0 in order to locate lost items or to view their last detected location.[1] The first devices were delivered in 2013. In September 2015, Tile launched a newer line of hardware that includes functionality to assist users in locating smartphones, as well as other feature upgrades.[2][3] In August 2017, two new versions of the Tile were launched, the Tile Sport and Tile Style.[4] As of 2019[update], Tile's hardware offerings consist of the Pro, Mate, Slim, and Sticker.[5]

Arguably the biggest downside to Tile trackers (if you're not already put off by privacy concerns) is that most of them have three-year, non-replaceable batteries. Tile does make one model, the Tile Pro, that runs on a one-year, replaceable battery, extending the life of the device as a whole. While it doesn't show up in Tile's Amazon sale, it too has been discounted to $25 for the holiday shopping season. If you're willing to shop elsewhere, you can even get a three-pack of Tile Pros with gift sleeves for $75 at QVC.

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