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Buy Fudge Uk

Hot fudge anyone? Enjoy our incredible liquid fudge as long as you promise to not use it sparingly. Warm it up, or squeeze it directly from the bottle, and slather over everything you can think of. Remember, everything is edible once...

buy fudge uk

The Fudge Patch creates traditional slab fudge, handmade in Greenwich, London. Head Fudgesmith Patch uses the best ingredients and traditional methods guaranteed to delight all sugar fiends and doubters alike.

We are committed to providing the highest quality product and an excellent service. If you have sent or received fudge and are not entirely happy with either the product or the service, please contact us with your comments. We will try to respond to all queries and complaints within 24 hours.

\u2022 All our fudge is Vegan and most are made without nuts or gluten but we do not guarantee that there are no traces of either gluten or nuts. We hand make our fudge in an open kitchen and use the same tools and equipment for all fudges and while we do everything we can to minimise trace cross contamination we would not want to guarantee it.

We at The Fudge Patch Ltd are committed to respecting the privacy rights of visitors to its website. This privacy policy explains how we collect, store and use personal data about you when you browse (the \u201CWebsite\u201D), shop with us or otherwise provide your personal data to us. It provides you with details about the types of personal data that we collect from you, how we use your personal data and the rights you have, to control our use of your personal data.

Sometimes we would like you tell you things about fudge. A few times a year we would like to send a select and lucky few people boxes of fudge for free. If you would like to occasionally hear about fudge, get some fudge or even just hear about how Patch likes to run a lot then please tick this little box. Thanks

A warm welcome to Burley Fudge Shop, from Chris & Jenny Tabb. We have lived in and around the New Forest for 30 years and since 1998 dedicated ourselves to producing fantastic fudge and giving a great customer experience.

At Burley Fudge Shop we make a wide range of fudge flavours, textures, alternative sugar and vegan options. We also provide wedding favour fudge a range of Gift Packed Fudge for special occasions, or for an extra special treat, a monthly fudge subscription box.

Our ultimate fudge is one of our oldest and most treasured recipes. Loved through the generations, it makes a great homemade gift for your family and friends. Made with our delicious Carnation Condensed Milk, this fudge recipe promises to be your creamiest yet.

If you want to add other ingredients and flavours - add them before you start beating the fudge. After cooling try mixing in nuts, natural flavourings or chocolate chip for added texture and flavour that will make your fudge utterly delicious.

Beat the mixture until it just loses it's shine and becomes very thick (this should take about 5-10 minutes). The longer you beat once it starts to thicken then the more crumbly the final fudge will be. If you like it smooth - beat it only until comes away from the sides of the pan and sticks well to the spoon.

If you are looking to buy vanilla fudge online at wholesale prices, then you have come to the right place! All of our Mary Perry products are available to buy by the case, at a discounted rate, with free UK mainland delivery on all orders over 20. Additionally, if you wish to buy high volumes of cases, we are able to offer even larger discounts to our trade customers. Please visit our wholesale page for more info.

Following age old recipes & methods. Every bite of our fudge is a smooth & creamy delight, every piece of our nougat is lovingly crafted and every taste of our confectionery is just how your childhood remembers it.

At Bluebell Cottage, all our products are gluten free and egg free. We take great care to ensure our customers receive the quality they deserve. You wont find any 'nastys' in our fudge, nor will you find any preservatives or additives. We also care about the environment, which is why we have removed all plastic from our retail packaging!

What makes Bluebell Cottage one of the most loved, confectionery producers in the UK? As a family business, we hand produce our confections in small batches, using the same traditional ingredients and methods that were being used over 100 years ago! Our fudge recipe was first recorded in 1874. Unlike others our confections are created in a timeless manner that allows them to remain fresh for 6 months. No additives or preservatives. Just hand cooked the traditional Bluebell Cottage way

Each piece of fudge is individually twist wrapped and then sealed in an air tight bag to guarantee freshness. Free from artificial colours, flavouring or preservatives with a minimum twelve months shelf life.

Gardiners of Scotland is a long-established family run manufacturer which specialises in a range of traditional Scottish confectionery from Butter Tablet, Macaroon bars and Toffee to a wide range of flavoured fudge packaged in high quality gifting tins and cartons.

Marsdens Confectionery award winning fudge makes a fabulous present for anyone, or just a greedy treat for yourself! We also produce custom orders for weddings, birthdays or any other special occasions and corporate events.

Mardens Confectionery makes fudge with British butter and we do not use additives, colourings or artificial flavourings (No glucose, no palm oil, no soya). Our quality focused ethos ensures that not only get a product that's made to the highest of standards, but also one that is completely natural and most importantly guaranteed to be delicious.

Due to customer requests we are pleased to now be able to offer a large range of mouth-watering flavours, so you can buy fudge online. Our fudge is made with carefully sourced ingredients and is packed to order, meaning each purchase of fudge is only packed from our airtight storage once your unique online order of fudge is received.

Our luxurious fudge is packed by hand using gloves and tongs and is perfect for fudge lovers. For those of you who like all things sugar related it is ideal as a mid-afternoon treat of soft creamy fudge.

Please see allergens tab for details. We cannot guarantee that our fudge is free from nuts or other allergens. We always attempt to stock all choices of fudge but on the rare occasion we run out of a particular flavour (For example 2 customers order at the same time when only 1 left) then we reserve the right to replace with another flavour, trying to get as close a match as possible to your original choice.

We are an award-winning fudge producer & confectioner. Trading since July 2014, our kitchen shop is a hive of activity making up the variety of our smooth textured, deliciously creamy, mouth-watering handmade cream and butter fudge. 041b061a72


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