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Rudolf Ponomarev

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Analysis: In a way, Shadow Lake is at once scarier and darker, and somehow simultaneously cornier than its predecessors, packed with tense moments and jump scares that you'd think would clash with the likes of Jack Talon and even Cassandra's incessant nattering... and yet they don't. Apart from Jack "YO PRISONERS" Talon being the actual best, the patter and cheese feels like it rides comfortably alongside the quiet, frightening mood of the rest of the game, providing a sort of wonderfully self-aware humour and over-the-top characters. In one case, really, really over the top. Really. The actual mystery you'll be solving is surprisingly intriguing because it gives you so little of the big picture in the beginning, and the slow revelation as you travel around town is handled very well. The downside is that if you miss finding the two "secret" tapes left behind by Ghost Patrol, you'll also be missing out on some backstory and exposition that fleshes out the game's narrative. And more Jack Talon.

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