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Crack Commandos Strike Force 12

In the Burma Campaign, the Chindits, whose long-range penetration groups were trained to operate from bases deep behind Japanese lines, contained commandos (King's Regiment (Liverpool), 142 Commando Company) and Gurkhas. Their jungle expertise, which would play an important part in many British special forces operations post-war, was learned at a great cost in lives in the jungles of Burma fighting the Japanese.[citation needed]

Crack Commandos Strike Force 12

Some 750 men from the 2nd Raiding Brigade, of this group were assigned to attack American air bases on Luzon and Leyte on the night of 6 December 1944. They were flown in Ki-57 transports, but most of the aircraft were shot down. Some 300 commandos managed to land in the Burauen area on Leyte. The force destroyed some planes and inflicted numerous casualties, before they were annihilated.[citation needed]

Special forces have been used in both wartime and peacetime military operations such as the Laotian Civil War, Bangladesh Liberation War-1971, Vietnam War, Portuguese Colonial War, South African Border War, Falklands War, The Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Jaffna University Helidrop, the first and second Gulf Wars, Afghanistan, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia, the first and second Chechen Wars, the Iranian Embassy siege (London), the Air France Flight 8969 (Marseille), Operation Defensive Shield, Operation Khukri, the Moscow theater hostage crisis, Operation Orchard, the Japanese Embassy hostage crisis (Lima), in Sri Lanka against the LTTE, the raid on Osama Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, the 2016 Indian Line of Control strike the 2015 Indian counter-insurgency operation in Myanmar and the Barisha Raid in Syria of 2019.

Turkish commandos typically wear blue berets. Commando brigades form the backbone of the Turkish Army's offensive capabilities, but they are not trained to conduct special operations, rather they serve as the main light infantry of the TAF. As of 2016, the number of commando brigades have been expanded to 16 to deal with the new threats, including two in the gendarmerie force brigade.[24] These include:

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on the Telegram messaging platform that the strike on the mall in Kremenchuk had "no strategic value" and was not a site affiliated with Ukrainian armed forces.

The Black Ops, the CIA's crack team who prevented an apocalyptic biological strike from Cold War-era Russia, vs Task Force 141, a group of soldiers from dozens of continents who will always get the job done, even if it measn eliminating their own traiterous general. WHO! IS! DEADLIEST!?

American brass monitoring the situation at the air operations center at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar and the Pentagon were baffled as they watched a massive enemy force positioning itself to attack a nearby outpost where about 30 US Army Rangers and Delta Force commandos from the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) were working alongside Kurdish and Arab forces. American commanders readied aircraft and ground crews, and the members of the JSOC detachment prepared to defend themselves.

With the expert direction of Air Force combat controllers and others calling in air and indirect-fire support, waves of F-22 fighters, F-15E strike fighters, AH-64 Apache attack helicopters, AC-130 gunships, B-52 bombers, MQ-9 Reaper drones, and heavy Marine artillery relentlessly punished the enemy force.

August: Despite troops allegedly being withdrawn from the county in 2014 and the government claiming those left would only remain in an advisory capacity. But a report detailed that UKSF had been in the country since 2015. But SAS forces had reportedly been fighting alongside afghan commandos, against Taliban and IS insurgents. Report by the Mirror indicates that this campaign has been intensifying. The paper claims that the SAS and SBS are carrying out raids on an almost nightly basis. (Mirror)

February: Increase in SAS forces from about 50 to more than 100 . The commandos conducted kill-or-capture missions alongside US special forces and came under the command of the American-led Joint Special Operations Command. Part of the force was made up of 15 snipers who were part of a specialist unit tasked with killing Taliban commanders. An SAS squad recently demolished an entire Taliban command.

As well as conducting terrorist man-hunts, SAS troops were also advising Iraqi forces to coordinate air strikes and supporting Kurdish forces. By January 2016, they had conducted their (publicly reported) ground attack against ISIS in Ramadi and had more than 200 personnel in the country. Strength in numbers enabled the resumption of covert parachute assaults and the creation of a kill list of 200 British jihadists.

August: UK special forces were deployed to the Arabian Sea in anticipation for a potential strike mission against the perpetrators an Iranian-backed terrorist organisation purportedly responsible for the attack an Israeli-operated tanker that left two dead (including one British citizen). Special forces were also operating alongside regular troops to assist with training of local troops in the region (Mirror)


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